adj. someone who is completely unaware of their surroundings, but acts as though he or she understands the complexities and subtleties of life. Someone who has lazy eyes and face but a great physic.
The hot blond bouncer was quite the oafy guy.
by Judyp April 23, 2006
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Often term used against HIDEOUS people. Oafy can be used against certain individuals that look like goats, ogars or tend to be someone who looks like a slug.
1: Damn…that hog is oafy as HELL
2: Mans built like loaf of bread, almost oafy
by Skrttoesfordinner July 02, 2021
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some one whos tall n pretty good at basketball. they always knock you out of the way to get rebounds. hence they are oafy "bitches". pretty much self explanitory.
Damn. That Jaime kid's an oafy bitch. All he does is steal the ball from me to get rebounds. And by the way were on the same fucking team.
by yo moms b. January 18, 2007
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