When needing to rub the salt in the wounds of the people you crushed, usually in a video game, showing complete disrespect for your innocent and hopeless foes so vast that the thought of winning should not ever cross their mind ever again.
lol....gg...ownt. ^^
by Jenkins L. December 29, 2005
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past-tence/verb; ownt
Also see owned
1, In that game, he got ownt!
2, I got ownt last night.
by hdaalz November 1, 2003
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Variant of: Owned. See Owned.
I ownt him by running him over in a jeep.
by nocturnal January 24, 2003
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Getting ur ass kicked while playing a computer game, like Counter-Strike....DoD, u get it...
Player1 kills Player2 with an ak47 without getting touched.

Player1: I OWNT U MOTHAF****A
Player2: Get laid fagmuncher
by brett July 6, 2004
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Origination: Quake III: Rocket Arena 3

Before RA3, there was owned.

There there was RA3.

There is no way to pretty this up, its meant as a one word sentence that says everything.
Sucky RA3 newbie gets railed in mid air and says "WTF?"

l33t responds:

by PooFiend June 20, 2005
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pathetic way of saying owned, or pwnd, used by the homosexual students in year 9 (2010) at St Philips Christian College Waratah, in a try hard group which no-one likes. gayest way of sounding OWNED.
said in really gay stupid voice: he owwwnt you, OWWWNT, i ownt them etc.
by Je$$e WiLLis March 12, 2010
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being owned to a further degree
desiree is ownt by dave
by dave March 21, 2004
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