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Over The Top - as in something done outragously over what it needs to be. Compare gonzo.
by Palfrey November 28, 2002
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Acronym: Over The Top. To do more than or go further than is necessary, esp. due to over-enthusiasm.
I needed some new clothes, but I went a bit OTT and spent nearly a grand.
by Steve March 08, 2005
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Synonym for weed, marijuana etc.
A turkish word, that is used sometimes by turks and germans, at least where I'm from.
got ott?

staaaani, ich hab immer gutes ott da...
by drek March 09, 2005
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When one adds a comment to a joke that exceeds the point of necessity and butchers the original comment that was found funny. The acronym directly stands for, "Over The Top".
John: Ohh dude I just pwn3d Andy with that kill in Halo!

Ralph: Hahaha yeah dude that was sick.

John: T-BAG!!!!

Ralph and Andy simutaneously: OTT.
by dapack494 August 18, 2009
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