Over The Top - as in something done outragously over what it needs to be. Compare gonzo.
by Palfrey November 28, 2002
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Acronym: Over The Top. To do more than or go further than is necessary, esp. due to over-enthusiasm.
I needed some new clothes, but I went a bit OTT and spent nearly a grand.
by Steve March 8, 2005
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Over The Top - As in something done outrageously over what it needs to be.
"Hey man, did you see that guy going full OTT speedrunning houses last night?"
by Weirdchamp October 16, 2019
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When one adds a comment to a joke that exceeds the point of necessity and butchers the original comment that was found funny. The acronym directly stands for, "Over The Top".
John: Ohh dude I just pwn3d Andy with that kill in Halo!

Ralph: Hahaha yeah dude that was sick.

John: T-BAG!!!!

Ralph and Andy simutaneously: OTT.
by dapack494 August 19, 2009
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The OTT (or colloquially "the O-double-T") stands for Over The Top.

Taking the name from Sly Stallone's 1987 celluloid tour de force about a man earning his estranged son's love through arm wrestling, it is an advanced form of the Eiffel Tower Play. Instead of slapping high fives over the double stuffed ho the two gentlemen engage in an arm wrestling contest.
"Alright bro, I'm balls deep. Let's go OTT on this bitch and loser has to kiss her on the lips!"
by TravelingSwan November 22, 2013
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Best of Tamil cinema. Celebrated all over india for its content and screenplay. People went crazy for this film. Best thing happened in 2020. Suriya deserves national award is their demand
Dei anil OTT la kuda vera level celebration; adhan da enga padam
by Aandavan January 5, 2021
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