A grand endeavor or trial of much difficulty.
(French expression, not directly translated/cultural saying.)
Getting a 3-pointer from downtown is a tour de force. Or, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is quite a tour de force.
by Smkngmgc June 15, 2004
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A feat of strength skill or ingenuity, done with ease.
The California band Toure de Force is a Toure de Force
by O! January 08, 2009
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Nonsensical Cinematography term used when you don't understand a single thing about the movie, so you are obliged to say something faux-meaningful about the director. Originally used in late 1980's in Limerick, Ireland by amateur would-be film critics before spreading urban areas and thence internationally (BMC)
"I felt the film used a mishmash of several differing genres and tropes, but my main comment would be that for the director, it was an egotistical tour-de-force'
by BeeMacCee March 15, 2021
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A single person attempting and succeeding at a herculean effort, not achievable by mere mortals.
Aaron Peckham was a one man tour-de-force, creating UrbanDictionary.com and forever changing the english language all before he turned 30 years old. Unfortunately it was all down hill from there.
by irrationaljared December 21, 2010
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When you stick you thumb up your anus, remove it, then suck on it like a baby
A: sup?
B: Are you sucking on your thumb?
A: Nah B, doing a little tour de force
by Dairydeliverydad October 25, 2020
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