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1. in Indian / Sanskrit: the god of the sun, or only "the sun"

2. Name: see above. Normally, humans are not awarded this name. If you ever run across anyone named Suriya, make sure you wear sunglasses and be prepared for over boarding awesomeness and a godlike personality.
Casual expression:

"There will be Suriya after the rain."

If someone is too awesome to say anything else:
"Your name should be Suriya."
by SophoJoJo February 05, 2010
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n Hinduism, the sun and the sun god. Though once ranking with the major Hindu deities, he is now primarily worshiped only as one of the five important deities of the Smarta sect and as the supreme deity by the small Savra sect. Nevertheless, he is still invoked by all orthodox Hindus in daily prayer, and his temples are found throughout India. He is the father of Manu, Yama, and several other gods. The Puranas record that the weapons of the gods were forged from pieces trimmed from Suriya.
He is as hot as the Suriya
by beachgurl89 October 21, 2009
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