In the campaign or story mode of a video game, speedrunning refers to the practise of running past (as opposed to killing) opponents to reach checkpoints. In this way the campaign can be completed very quickly with a minimum of fuss.
Speedrunning videos were all over youtube in the Halo 2 days; now it's much harder.
by MrKapper Is Back December 12, 2012
An event where a gamer tries to beat a game as fast as possible or to break a speedrun record.
Gamer 1: Hey dude. Have you seen the speedrun that Gamer 3 did?
Gamer 2: Yeah bro. He broke a record.
by rss_atlas April 14, 2019
A game session in which you try to finish the game in the shortest time possible.
This is my 756th speedrun attempt of Mario 64.
by squigglevision74 February 22, 2022
Person 1: hey shita** wanna see me speedrun
by Normal_human_being :) December 16, 2021
When a man or a woman attempt to have an orgasm in the shortest time possible
Man 1 Yo dude I heard you had a Sex Speedrun with grace yesterday
Man 2 Yeah dude I beat the world record and lasted 2 seconds
by Cuumchalice May 27, 2020
Term used when you try to do a semester's worth of online homework within the 14 day free trial of the program.
"Hey man did you buy the homework program?"
"Nah, I just am gonna do a homework speedrun"
by Sad College Student January 17, 2018