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Officially Stop Working!
When you have been pretending you are busy at work (usually in an office) for half of the day, in the last few minutes you just stop even pretending.
Yo! You know what time it is?
is OSW time!! WooHoo!
by Anson! August 14, 2006
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Official scrabble words, words that are allowed to be used in the board game scrabble. There is a book published every few years of OSW's, relished by scrabble enthusiasts as a final authority in what can be used.
AJ: dude, driley ain't a word, you trippin!

Griff: It's in the OSW so fuck you'self bitch
by lucothefish August 15, 2006
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Ryan: Hey bro, I just took the biggest shit ever
Jeremiah: Dude, you OSW for that
by youaintheard November 13, 2011
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Out Side Wrestling
Guys who wrestle outside usually in there backyards. They are also gay fat wanna be wrestlers, who think they are wrestler just because they buy a wrestling shirt and wear it to school. They also have thousands of friends like them on myspace.
Miguel is in the OSW so he's a fat gay wanna be wrestler.
by toome June 23, 2007
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