Beyond just a strange situation. This is where you itch your head and get the fuck out of there. Weird shit is something that occurs that can't be fully understood why and how it happened. It should be left alone in most cases.

You do NOT want to be around weird shit when it happens. If you want to take a look at some weird shit, then do it from a large distance away from the weird shit.
The man approaches the dancing Polar Bear wearing a cowboy outfit out in the desert.
The man was later found next to a cactus raped by the polar bear.
This is why you get the fuck out when you see weird shit.
by Deti October 7, 2009
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The shit that Kimberly Jane Lucas Rollins does.
Bo: Kim decided to wash the TV with a garden hose.

Caleb: That’s the weird shit.
by ABN_FaLLenAngeL November 17, 2018
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when your shit comes out of your asshole looking like a retarded hello kitty that got ran over by a semi truck
"Dude I just took a weird shit this morning."
by f*** me jerry October 5, 2017
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A phrase made popular by Will Smith in "Men In Black",which can be used to decribe one's reaction to a strange situation.
Even After I smoked a bowl of marijuana during the movie "Eraserhead",it still ranks about a 9.5 on the weird shit-o-meter.
by Vagina Coastguard December 15, 2003
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Something stranger than strange. Weirder than weird. Often creepy and mysterious.
You can see some weird ass shit on YouTube.
by Lydianon April 27, 2016
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Originally derived from Problem Sleuth on MSPA, this noun describes puzzles of any kind or persuasion. Often muttered out of frustration, as any weird puzzle shit is long, and difficult.
1. "I can't talk now, toots. I'm busy with all this weird puzzle shit."

2. You are beginning to get tired of this weird puzzle shit.
by RAEG ROOTS June 15, 2009
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strange happening of any material thing with no explanation of why it happened
The machine started on its own with no one in the cab,thats some weird monkey shit.
by Joe Showbowski October 16, 2009
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