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A term often used in software development, when the technical team are trying to troubleshoot a customer problem. This term usually suggests that the technical team is constantly asking the customer for log files.
Manager: Did you manage to troubleshoot the issues that Technico had?
Neils: Not yet, I've taken them for a ride on the log flume until I can figure it out
by neilsonz January 20, 2009
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Combination of nerd and percentage. Represents the individual's nerd rating.
Pete: I wish I could lose my memory of Star Wars so I could watch it again like it was the first time!

Neils: Your Nerdcentage just went up two points moron
by neilsonz January 12, 2009
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The phrase 'one thing lead to another' is typically used as an excuse to justify the act of having a one night stand with a complete stranger(s).
Jennifer: So I met this guy at this party, and we were having such a great time getting to know each other, and before we knew it one thing lead to another and ...
Lily: Did you get his name and number?
Jennifer: ...
by neilsonz January 27, 2009
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Short for oodles of laughter. The strongest form of laughter (stronger than BOL and LOL combined). Similar to ROFLMAOPMP
Pete: I saw goatse last night with my girlfriend, we both enjoyed it immensely!
Neils: OOL
by neilsonz January 12, 2009
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'Gold pliss' is a common phrase used in online games (primarily MMORPGs) to express to other individuals that they need money to spend in-game.
It is mainly used by Spanish people and 7-16 year old children who have not had a proper education in school.
Guerrero (Level 1): gold pliss
Neils (Level 70): I'm sorry I don't have any gold to spare
Guerrero (Level 1): usted idiota quiero el oro, maldigo a su familia

by neilsonz January 14, 2009
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Short for bundles of laughter. Stronger than LOL but weaker than OOL. Roughly equivalent to ROFL
Pete: I saw goatse last night and I enjoyed it...
Neils: BOL
by neilsonz January 12, 2009
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Casturbation relates to the art of masturbating whilst wearing a cast (caused from broken bones somewhere between the individuals wrists and shoulders).
It can often require a lot of patience and training depending on the size and location of the cast.
Dan: Must be hard for you, being single for the last 7 months and not even able to choke the chicken with that broken wrist?
Jeff: It was rough for the first month, but casturbation is really my only option
by neilsonz January 27, 2009
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