Twenty Five percent of the whole.

One forth of a complete item.

A Mnemonic Device, best spoken aloud to give the user optimal recall.
This piece of foam is 24 and 3 quail long. (24.75")

That will be 2 and a quail. ($2.25)

I can't believe it's already a quail past Three (3:15)
by Bueller....Bueller September 23, 2009
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Many guys enjoying farting inside a room, car, or closed space and then leaving. A quail is the same, but for a female. Quail is short for queef and bail, meaning queefing and leaving.
by Palmer3 November 6, 2010
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Any amount of money, either in general- "i'm out of quail" or more specific- "i need ten quail for that hat." Words such as this are usualy used in an attempt to bewilder anyone who may be listening in on your conversation- "what ho lovely ones, i'm in need of some poaching quail for the photostatamy! = Hi people, can i borrow some money for the photocopier. quail=cash
by NymphetaminexGirl April 3, 2008
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Something that is completely obscure and awesome, known to a select few. A word only used by people who are also Quail.
Have you seen that guy? He's totally Quail.
by SabbathJustSabbath December 22, 2010
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The improved version of jailbait. Shortend version of "Quailbait" Referring to a fit girl under the age of consent, when you are over the age.
Bennett got himself some quail. Get a quail on. Mate that girl is bare Quailbait. Flock of quails at 10 oclock high.
by Henonywari March 9, 2009
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The noise made by one's bottom after eating rich food.
"After eating Chris's cooking, my arse was quailing all night"
by Weirdbeard September 17, 2007
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A word used to express a confused or surprised remark.
by n o r t h July 19, 2006
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