It's an ad for her OF site
by Dustywater April 8, 2020
ODD FUTURE this is short for OFWGKTA Tyler, The Creator's group
by H4U5 October 5, 2011
The mashed-up acronym for “Onlyfans”. Mainly used by internet sluts.
“Buy my OF for only $59.99 a month! Upcoming birthing vid for $12,000.00!!!”
by Wtf_123 July 17, 2021
You’re so charming, handsome, brilliant, powerful, so well-endowed with a terrific little ass- you can have any girl you want. Whaddya want with an OF like me?
Original fiction; original stories posted online by their authors on a free-to-view website.
I read OF
by ojoijoihoih June 2, 2011