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The process of Briefly boiling Okra until it becomes slimy but still firm and placing it in the anus. The slime enters the bloodstream through the thin walls of the lower intestine and creates a hallucinogenic effect.

Made national attention after a small article in The Wichita Post Gazette was picked up by the Associated Press.
After O-holing all night, Jake was so buzzed he broke into his own car because he forgot where he put his keys. They were in his back pocket.
by Met Kendrick August 12, 2006
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verb: the act of inserting a slightly boiled okra into your rectum in order to allow the chemical components of the mucous-like exterior of the okra to be absorbed by the vascular elements of the anus resulting in an okra buzz
Billy Bob and his cousins are o holing again better brings the dogs in for the night.
by dr poon1 February 09, 2009
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