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Corn-O-Hole is a rapidly-growing game in the Midwest, United States. The game, though similar to Cornhole, is enjoyed for its ease of play and availability of areas of play. The object of the game is for two players or two teams of two to toss bean bags (4 bags) (called Cornoes) into the area of play and connect their bags to each other. Players alternate turns throwing their bags with the last scorer leading off the round (called a squabble). The bags must be in the area of play at least 15 feet from the toe-line. Scoring is as such: two bags touching- 1 point, three bags touching- 3 points (called a trip), or all four bags touching- 5 points (called the snake). The score of the squabble is tallied after all players have thrown their bags using a cancellation method (player A has 3 points and player B has 1 point yielding player A 2 points). At any point a player may announce that he is going for a "Power Play" in which he throws his bag directly at his opponents bags to disrupt the opponent's points. The match goes until one player reaches exactly 21 points. If a player should go over 21 points, he returns to 13 points. The game may be conducted on any flooring surface: wood flooring, tiled floors, carpet, or a lawn course.
by Juan-Beezy, Be-Easy September 13, 2010
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