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An attack made with a somewhat playful, somewhat malicious intent on the nuts of a friend or acquaintance. A "nut tap" is generally delivered with a hand (and most often the back of a hand with a flicking motion) but may be substituted with any object (i.e. water bottle, car keys, cell phone, text book etc.)

The "nut tap" does not however come without risks to the "nut tapper." The risks to the "nut tappie" are obvious, however the "nut tapper" risks being ridiculed as a "fag" (or queer) by the "nut tappie" if the "nut tap" is unsuccessful. An unsuccessful "nut tap" resulting in contact with the "nut tappies" shaft and/or head in the instance that there is no contact made with the "nut tappies" nuts.
Arion: "Shaun, why are you laying on the floor in the fetal position?"
Shaun: "Jason just nut tapped me with his water bottle..."
by ma0ma0 June 07, 2010
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A (sometimes playful) smacking of someone's (usually) clothed testicles.
The bitch walked a little too close to me so I gave him a wicked nut tap!
by TheFreek August 01, 2003
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When your testicles are struck in such a way that they begin to hurt after several seconds of rising pain, generally accidentally. A nuttap can be self-inflicted, and is usually unintentional, or not the goal of the physical action that prompts the nuttap.

Nuttaps are only such IF the intent of the action was not a full-on assault of the testicle, but rather, a perfectly unfortunate 'tap' of the balls.

Generally, but not always, nuttaps take several seconds before an unusual amount of pain beings to swell from the perfect, and sometimes gentle, tap.
"Ahh shit.. I my dog jumped up on me and nuttapped me."
After I caught the football a little too low, the tip juuuuust nuttapped me, and it's really starting to hurt.
by Kopenich July 24, 2016
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a nut tap is when you lightly hit somebody's balls for reasons like if they're being a dick
imma finna nut tap you if you don give me the fucking money
by louis xannie May 03, 2018
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