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awesome, sarcastic, cares about the smallest things; knows exactly what to say or what not to say, and when he says the worst thing to say it's intentional to get you to make the "angry face" then laugh. He is an extremist when it comes to opinions and thinks about thinks that most people don't think about. He has a lot of knowledge on the little things and grasps a lot of street smarts. He works hard at pleasing everyone and has a hard working ethic which is a huge plus. He's got broad shoulders and is shorter than his friends but still way taller than you. He has an extreme sense of humor and is very protective over the one's he cares for, especially when it comes to family. He tends to be a procrastinator, but... that is the way business gets done. Unfortunately, he gets along too much with your brother and comes up with "nefarious plans" while you are away. Very decent man that takes full responsibility and works too hard to make you happy. Unfortunately, farting on the girlfriend is including as "embracing true love". I've been dating one for two and a half years and the interesting name is a plus! They also have big feet!
Oh Lord, that smells like an Arion fart.
Very are such an Arion!
Only an Arion would start on a project the night before and make it still turn out awesome.
Aw, you are such an Arion! (curteous state)
Aw man! You are such an Arion! (gaseous state)
Why do you hang out with my brother so much??? I swear, sometimes you seem like such an Arion.
Oh look! It's Arion-foot!
There are so few Arions in the world. I feel so lucky to have caught one.
by Sock in Solitude December 08, 2012
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In mythology

* Arion was a legendary Greek poet.

* Arion (mythology), an extremely swift immortal horse in Greek mythology

Arion (Ancient Greek: Ἀρίων, gen.: Ἀρίωνος) was a kitharode in ancient Greece, a Dionysiac poet credited with inventing the dithyramb: "As a literary composition for chorus dithyramb was the creation of Arion of Corinth," The islanders of Lesbos claimed him as their native son, but Arion found a patron in Periander, tyrant of Corinth. Although notable for his musical inventions, Arion is chiefly remembered for the fantastic myth of his kidnapping by pirates and miraculous rescue by dolphins, a folktale motif. Herodotus (1,23) says "Arion was second to none of the lyre-players in his time and was also the first man we know of to compose and name the dithyramb and teach it in Corinth". However J.H. Sleeman observes of the dithyramb, or circular chorus, "It is first mentioned by Archilochus (c 665 BC)… Arion flourished at least 50 years later… probably gave it a more artistic form, adding a chorus of 50 people, personating satyrs… who danced around an altar of Dionysus. He was doubtless the first to introduce the dithyramb into Corinth".

Arion is also associated with the origins of tragedy: of Solon John the Deacon reports: “Arion of Methymna first introduced the drama i.e. action of tragedy, as Solon indicated in his poem entitled Elegies".
I named my son Arion, after the Greek poet.
by The Impailor October 12, 2011
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An attractive man that has Italian-Greek heritage. Arion's always have light brown hair with sexy stubble. He wears awesome clothing that accents his awesomeness. He is skinny, yet not too skinny. He loves network security and has a sweet dungeon tan. He is a good romantic. Did I mention he is a sexy beast?
Mikayla:Hey whats your name? ;)
Arion: Its Arion, Wan't to have satanic sex?
Mikayla: Sure, but only because you have some nice sexy stubble.
by I am Arion. November 16, 2012
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The Name of one of the main characters in "The Crusaders" a video game (and novel) currently under production by Raging Sloth Productions (the best company ever). Arion plays the role of an offensive captain of an 'elite' demon-hunting team.
Look up offensive in a dictionary to find an example.
by Froberto May 04, 2005
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Gay fag, with one ball, and looks like a voldermort horse anarexic, white ass, retard one balled ass hole.
i have oe ball." "WOAH so ur likeArion?
by cailtlin furcord June 09, 2010
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An Arion is a dude that is sensitive as fuck, also known as a Lord of Atlantis for his tears literally can fill an entire ocean. His feels run that deep.
Jon- Why has Steve been in his room crying all day ?

Chris- He watched the season finale of Greys Anatomy and his estrogen levels spiked
Jon- He's such an Arion
by Elegantredneck December 19, 2015
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A derogatory term used to describe an individual, usually female, who exhibits two or more of the following characteristics at any given time;

-Infinitely huge superiority complex
-Inability to distinguish between opinion and fact
-The assumption that everyone *else* is overreacting, when the opposite is true
-Transparent flamebaiting
-Extreme Japanophilia
-An ironic dislike towards patriotism
-Inability to take responsibility for one's own actions
-The assumption that constant whining does not in any way constitute "taking things seriously"
-The assumption that talking being someone's back is okay unless it's about oneself

This term originated on a relatively obscure video game forum as the screen name of a particularly unpleasant member hated by the majority for the reasons given above, and has since leaked out on the internet to become a fairly offensive insult.

It can be used as either an adjective or a noun.
Generic forum browser: "I sincerely apologise, but I wish to express an opinion which marginally differs from your own."
Generic Arion: "LMAO you're retarded"
Passer-by: "Wow. That chick just Arion'd him up something fierce."
by Brian The Goldfish January 14, 2006
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