Allows an individual to nut once during No nut november. Allowing them continue the challange.
Joe: "I cant do NNN this year"
Jack: " Here have a Nut Pass"
Ok boomer
by Frums Apap November 5, 2019
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An invalid item for the annual challenge No Nut November It has become invalid because it’s fucking gay
Guy 1: Hey do you have a nut pass I can borrow?
Guy 2: No because that’s gay lib
by LittleNig69 November 2, 2019
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In No Nut November a Nut Pass can be given for a Free Nut that won't count if u nut its given a free chance to nut within the challenge
Guy: Man I really can't do this No Nut November shit
Other Guy: Here have a Nut Pass
by RussianLordSans November 3, 2018
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I thought I had a nut pass but now I am a coomer
by Get Succ November 7, 2019
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During a threesome, when the current male top is close to ejacualtion he may “tap out” where another male top with take his place. This is called a Nut Pass
“Hey brah, I’m freakin’ close!”
“Aw dude! Quick Nut pass!”

“Cheers brah! Almost bust a nut too soon!”

“We cool man we cool, I gotcha back!”
by Daylightrobbery October 22, 2018
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A pass given by the Goverment of the United States president himself, it permits you to nut as many times as you want without failing the "No Nut November" Challenge.
I got a Infinite nut pass

what does that mean

i can nut in your face
by fuck_for_brains November 7, 2018
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Free Nut Passes are passes that let you nut once during NNN (No Nut November)

They are cheating and are not allowed to be used during NNN.

If you happen to use one then you're instantly disqualified.
"ah don't worry dude, I have a Free Nut Pass"

"what the actual f***, that's illegal"
by Dr.D420 November 7, 2019
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