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An Islamic Name meaning supportive and helpful.

Nusrat will help you with every aspect in your life and will never turn back on you. You will be lucky to have a Nusrat in your life. When there is trouble turn to Nusrat and respect him/her.
Thank you Nusrat for going out of your way to help me.

Nusrat you did not even benefit but you still helped me.
by WebDictionary September 01, 2013
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Nusrat is a great best friend. She is both loyal and easy to talk to. She would make a great psychologist and/or therapist. Nusrat is a type of person to never leave you at a rough time. You would love to have her as your friend/best friend.

Nusrat is also an anime fanatic, and her baes are Armin, Usui, Rin, and many more. She may also look japanese.
DAMN NUSRAT! Back at it again with the anime baes.
by Your Best Friend Fee! October 17, 2017
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a nusrat is one of the best friends someone can ever have. she will always be loyal, sweet, loving, smart and beautiful. never pass up the opportunity to befriend a nusrat if it comes around.
my friend, a definite nusrat, was one i hoped would never leave my life
by <you3 November 20, 2011
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This is an Arabic name that means victory/help or support, can be used for both boys and girls - but is seen more often in girls more than boys
The Great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan....
by spycie_b July 10, 2011
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