A boy who lights up a room with his smile 😬

He will make you smile and laugh and make your day a hell of a lot better 🙌
Boey makes you smile 😃

Boey (name meaning)
by Taragoempie November 23, 2021
The name Olaf is of Nordic heritage. Anu means ancestor and leifr Descendant.
As a result, Olaf is a descendant of the ancient, revered ancestor.
It was used in Norway as a Kings name, because "anu" also translates to "special ancestor", "revered ancestor" and sometimes even to "divine ancestor". A being connected to heaven, the sky and the word "god".
In the year 2021, Olaf Scholz became the chancellor of Germany.
Name meaning Olaf: Descendant of the ancient, revered ancestor.
Smd don't know one care about what y'all names mean. This shit lame Sorry not sorry 🤷🏾 ♂️. And smd I'm not hating.
We don't give a fuck what y'all names mean.
by Helio777 March 14, 2017
No one cares wtf yo name mean. Yo name bs either way on my momma.
fuck wat yo name means
by Cuzzotrippin November 23, 2021
Shut yo dummy a$$ up, stop trynna look for your name just to motivate yourself, yo momma ain’t choose your name for who you would be, she wasn’t like “OMG ima call you so-&-so because everyone with that name is so sweet”
Pete: Yooo, what up, wanna know what my name means in the urban dictionary?
Joe: Fuck what yo name means
by RawLyric November 24, 2021
the angry response produced from those who are fed up with others updating their facebook status, but only if the status contains the phrase urbandictionary and look up your name and followed by a comment related to the search.
Sara:go to urbandictionary.com and type in who-cares-what-your-name-means

Matt Likes this!

by lovesfb February 5, 2010
Probably only posting it on social media so everyone sees how much of an inspiration you aren’t.
Stop with the normie cringe posts about the definition of your name. No one cares what your name means.
by 4.whores.down November 23, 2021