Is a VERY smart, beautiful girl. Who cannot be replaced. Funny and who makes everything more live no matter where you are. One of kind of girl. Someone who everyone wants to be.

Talks alot, which is something that makes her friendly and unique.

Extremely beautiful. Every guy's dream!

A real beauty, inside and out!
Guy 1: Woah, she's hot.

Guy 2: Man, I know. She's a definite Samiha.

Guy 1: That's forshure.
by CookieMonster! June 13, 2011
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Listen here children- Samiha is the definition of true “badass bitch” not only just a hot body with a hot temper to match.

Got a phat ass? Good for you, but you can sit down and read this about this awesome girl Samiha.

She’s a fearless Alpha Woman. She is independent, mysterious, free-spirited and eccentric. She has a unique sense of humor and a practical outlook in life. Inconsistency is a constant problem for her. She’s beauty with brains. Yes, a very rare kind. An old soul mixed with modern ways. Her magnetic personality, and unswerving loyalty to those that she loves, is just a small sample of the way that she wears her crown. She’s a homemaker, who knows how to take care of her man, but most of all, she’s independent. She lives in a beautiful balance, refusing to let stress or negativity overcome her. She loves freely, and never with strings. She can see through the BS no matter who’s bringing it to the table. She is indeed an endangered species.
She is the party herself. Wherever she goes, she brings all the good vibes and positive energy with her to lighten the air. The party don’t start till she walks in.
Un-Fucking-Mazing in bed!! Guys get addicted to her when they meet her once. She has fans all over the world. Don’t trust me? Go ask your friends, I’m sure one of them would know her for sure.
That's a pure Samiha.

Oh my! isn't she dreamy? She is such a Samiha.

Yo girl! You just pulled a Samiha!

Samiha is like a frog. Once you catch it , you never want let it go.
by M. Wright September 24, 2017
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This is someone who is fit, sexy and hot. She is extremely intelligent and not replaceable. She is really lively and has a fantastic sense of humour. She is very hard to get and is a mans dream. She is drop dead gorgeous and is extremely honest and trustworthy. Always loyal to the soil and cannot be faulted in anyway, she is beautiful, hot and curvy with a nice booty. She is perfect.
Samiha is sexy and hot. Omg every guys dream.
by HaroonRaja November 30, 2016
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Arabic slang for something disgustingly evil, evil magnified, gross.

Think of Jaba the hut but more evil.

The word is used by some tribes in Saudi Arabia, Samiha was a name for a saudi woman that belonged to one of the enemy tribes and that woman was so ugly and disgusting that they used her name as a synonym for evil and disgust.
by Pro Definor June 07, 2019
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The most beautiful girl in the entire world. She has an exotic accent and the best body. Shes extroverted and adventurous, always ready to try new things. All guys want to be with her, but are too scared because at first she can be intimidating. Her harsh persona is just protection from what could potentially hurt her, but inside she is so generous and loyal. Once she loves someone she will stick with them through heaven and hell. She’s heart broken because no one she has given her heart to so far has the commitment for such a authentic soul. She waits forever for her Prince Charming but little does she know he has been in front of her the entire time....
The way she smiles, it could only be Samiha.
by feh-leh-fel July 24, 2019
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