Samiha is a introverted quite person to those who aren’t in her tight network of friends.They hates everything and everyone especially strangers. She where’s bold eyeliner and a red tone of chapstick that brings out her natural beauty.She’s always putting herself down about stuff that’s not even true and she loves to say idk idc and kys to all around her .They are probably my best friend I’ve ever had so if you ever come across one never let them go
Boy:hey samiha wanna go out I love you
Samiha: kys
Boy : aww you broke my heart
(They said this as a joke)
by Budussy cleaner December 7, 2022
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a really beautiful pretty girl who can tell the future. She is smart and pretty.
by Ilikepie1298 May 28, 2011
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Is a VERY smart, beautiful girl. Who cannot be replaced. Funny and who makes everything more live no matter where you are. One of kind of girl. Someone who everyone wants to be.

Talks alot, which is something that makes her friendly and unique.

Extremely beautiful. Every guy's dream!

A real beauty, inside and out!
Guy 1: Woah, she's hot.

Guy 2: Man, I know. She's a definite Samiha.

Guy 1: That's forshure.
by CookieMonster! June 13, 2011
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They are introverted and usually more interested in there phone then the life around them but are always there when you need to talk.they wear bold eyeliner and there hair always looks perfect.There not interested in a romantic relationship but more in her friends.They hate everything and everyone especially men.There vocabulary is made up of kys idk idc .They are the best thing to come out of highschool so far and will always have a special place in my heart.If you ever come pass a samiha hold on to them and never let go.
Boy: I love you.will you be mine and only mine
Samiha :kys
Boy: “awwwwwww”
by Budussy cleaner December 7, 2022
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This is someone who is fit, sexy and hot. She is extremely intelligent and not replaceable. She is really lively and has a fantastic sense of humour. She is very hard to get and is a mans dream. She is drop dead gorgeous and is extremely honest and trustworthy. Always loyal to the soil and cannot be faulted in anyway, she is beautiful, hot and curvy with a nice booty. She is perfect.
Samiha is sexy and hot. Omg every guys dream.
by HaroonRaja November 30, 2016
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She is the lover of the skies, one with a charm to make you stop and stare, a dutiful daughter, beloved sister, a friend who would support you during the storms and celebrate with you on your sunny days, a talented writer with words of strength and promise which is never broken. She is a lot of things in one person, she's Samiha.
I wish for a Samiha in my life!
by NZ_ December 20, 2021
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The most beautiful girl in the entire world. She has an exotic accent and the best body. Shes extroverted and adventurous, always ready to try new things. All guys want to be with her, but are too scared because at first she can be intimidating. Her harsh persona is just protection from what could potentially hurt her, but inside she is so generous and loyal. Once she loves someone she will stick with them through heaven and hell. She’s heart broken because no one she has given her heart to so far has the commitment for such a authentic soul. She waits forever for her Prince Charming but little does she know he has been in front of her the entire time....
The way she smiles, it could only be Samiha.
by feh-leh-fel July 24, 2019
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