One of the coolest guys around, known for being a geek, is always a big hit a parties
Guy 1:Timothee is such a geek
Guy 2: Yeah but he goes wild at parties!
by Sportyspice June 12, 2013
A gay person, that is hot like fire, which likes to suck big tits, and juicy pussies.
Timothee is with you.
by TimotheeGAY October 18, 2018
girl 1: omg i met timothee chalamet last night! he was SO HOT
girl 2: no wayyy
by yuhhhgetittoitttt April 25, 2020
timothee is the best actor i have ever seen. i'm very serious about that. he is so so so talented aside from acting he can do A TON of other things like rap;), dance, play the piano, speak 97% french, also can speak a little bit of italian, he can juggle, he can sing, he can be the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE, he can make jokes, he knows statistics lol, and so much more i could name off. okay next his personality is one of a kind and i truly mean that. he is the sweetest person i have ever seen. he is so pure and has such a kind heart. he really cares about his fans and you can really tell that he is such a sweet and genuine person🥺, he is so so so intelligent and you can tell by the way he talks, he is so funny, so awkward and shy but that is what i love about him. he is just such a sweetheart and the cutest ever. i literally can not find one flaw about this man. and i don't see why someone could not like him. also all of his movies are super duper good. he is amazing in all of the mom but in beautiful boy i just feel like he was spectacular in that movie and just made it feel as if it was happening in real life. and omg cmbyn has such an amazing story line. okay that's all i'm gonna day for now but he is the best person i've ever laid my eyes on and i hope i and all his fans get to meet him some day. he is a legend.
timothee chalamet is an AMAZING actor and very cute and he's such a sweetheart. what's not to like about him?
by llanniichalamett May 16, 2020
by far the best actor ever known, with an amazing personality, whom respects women and loves his mom :)
Fan:SKBFJNBZUIIKFJ That's Timothee Chalamet! I love him!
Timothee: Not as much as Iove you ;)
by its.not.jayleen October 23, 2020
A beautiful and talented actor who has played in tons of great movies like Call Me By Your Name, and Little Women.
Friend:Hey who's that cute actor over there.
Me: Oh that's Timothee Chalamet!
by gilmoregirlslover January 1, 2021