Its a horrifying number. Its disgusting. Its awfull. Its grisly. Its grotesque. Its the last thing you want in your burger king wobber
Number 16. The last thing you want in your burger king wobber, is someone elses foot fungus.
by SpaghettiLover609 March 6, 2023
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You'd never expect this sexy ass mf Cryptid to grace your baby shower. The Chicago Running Man spans multiple mythos, but is most popular in American folklore. Legend has it, he holds the current land speed record at 784 lbs. and 19 cents. The Chicago Running Man will primarily use his knees to concuss his prey, which usually consists of Chicago Cubs. He especially loves the draft roster; they are a delicacy to him. The Chicago Running Man has escaped Foundation containment a record 48 times, and is currently on the loose. Some say, that if you play reggaeton loud enough, and at the right speed, you may be able to create frequencies that can slow down the Chicago Running Man enough to be seen with the naked eye, but be warned: it gets him particularly frisky and handsy. If you survive the encounter, you may experience a slight intense burning of the ass cheek, and handprint-shaped bruising along the ass cheek area. The Chicago Running Man, like all good Americans, is devoted to FREEDOM. Sometimes, in his spare time, he runs over to Socialist rallies and throws a bike lock, and often pins it on an ANTIFA member. The goal of this is unknown, but he has been found consistently doing this. The Chicago Running Man has a soft spot for crap-quality early 2000's YouTube video intros, as he discovered himself spiritually around the those times. More has yet to be discovered about this phenomenal creature; expect more reports in the future.

-Taken from the official Chicago Running Man Theme Song.
by Numba 16 August 10, 2022
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it’s where you forcefully shit your pants until your butt plug falls out onto the ground and then you lick the plug clean until you throw up or cum on your bed.
“*screams*, daddy i shat myself and came at the same time!” cries joe
all because of the number 16.
by poogina666 November 18, 2020
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hot asf thicc in da ass and can pull mf guys even if she dont want em
marc emily is cute
patson emily?
marc volleyball number 16
patson oh shi the thicc hot one she could pull me anyday
by that one vb girl October 3, 2023
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