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In gamer speak on mmorpgs, the term NYI means "Not Yet Implemented". Such as maybe a weapon has been NYI or a certain dungeon is NYI.
noobie: "Is the uber-roxxor-blade-of-the-tiger in the 5th level or 6th level of the dungeon?!"

1337-person: "NYI"
by Cody Swisher March 01, 2005
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The nyi syndrome is a very contagious syndrome. It is most common in people with the last name Thorpe in very severe cases nyi syndrome can be deadly. When you have nyi syndrome you uncontrollably say the word nyi until you have explosive shat’s
Nyi nyi nyi nyi nyi
by Asmrdarling October 16, 2018
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A verbal insult directed by looking at the intended reciepent or recipients. Not to be used with any other regualar words.
somewhat amused by Pete's shite new haircut, Tom looked into the side of Pete's head and shouted "Nyi"
by Catman March 17, 2004
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A word used to mask a swear word being said. The main purpose of the word is so no one knows that you are swearing.
Nyi is used when you hit your finger with a hammer in front children. If you hate your boss and you with to curse him. If you are very pissed off with some one. Simply say "Nyi" on it's own.
by Furanku Leone February 09, 2005
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NYIS - 'Nice': Sarcastic & or sexual innuendo often associated with imagery or double entendres & often use as an appreciation of such after the fact.

It can also be used as a slight toward a particular party. Insult or derogatory targeted comment followed by nyis
Austin Powers. "You may be a cunning linguist, but I'm a master debater." nyis

Meme followed by nyis

Suggestive pic followed by nyis

UTD lost 3-0. nyis
by 170fin March 12, 2018
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This an automatic fan of pandas. its like an obsession! She has amazing hair and always has a smile on her face! She never fails to make anyone happy/laugh. Very rare, willl you find of these, so make sure you have one.
My friend said Nyi is one of the coolest things ever, i wish i had one!
by Emilybby07 October 10, 2011
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