Never calling the fucking police out of spite or anger. No matter whatever. Simply puts you at fuck boy status. Especially while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Resulting in Bad choices suffer horrible consequences.....
Tim left a book behind... Tim got mad when Ashley didn't do what Tim said... Tim breaks in, and then calls the police when Ashley freaks out..... Tim broke THE NUMBER 1 G code... Tim then left with 2 pairs of jeans and pajama pants and a jacket..... WITH POLICE ASSISTANCE.... Way to BREAK THE NUMBER 1 G-code. This may be highly mistaken for the term fuckboy!
by Dontfuckwithit March 21, 2016
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Yes everyone want's to know who's the Number 1 Yuta Stan.

And here is the answer:
It's editsarebetterthanboys on TikTok
The Yuta Stan Number 1 is editsarebetterthanboys on TikTok
by factstheyarereal February 15, 2022
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somewhere between a number 1 and a number 2, often the after effect of a rather spicy curry
'that was a well nice vindaloo last night, ive been unleashing one point fives all morning though'
by vicky bailey May 1, 2004
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Usually given to the crappiest teams in the league to improve their record next year but only to find out either:

They did do good in college but suck in the professionals Ryan Leaf

Got a serious injury Greg Oden

Overrated pieces of crap who might end up in jail Michael Vick

or just plain Overrated Kwame Brown

So in reality number 1 draft picks are expensive bench players who make things worst... Unless your lucky Michael Jordan
1998 Charger fan 1: Who was our number 1 draft pick this year?

1998 Chargers fan 2: Ryan Leaf

1998 Charger fan 1: I smell super bowl!
by theend1190 February 19, 2009
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