word you yell to proclaim your excitement
I got a kick ass omelet at the 24hr diner, and the cook let me skip ahead of everyone bc I tipped him. Num nuh!!!
by Randy Macho Man Savage February 5, 2010
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Caribbean slang for the act of purposely not bothering with a chore. Alternately, it can be used in reference to a disliked person.
I nuh cater fuh dat history essay, nuh.
I nuh cater fuh he.
by redgyul September 21, 2004
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no yep
should i wake you up before sex? nuh-huh
by tin-tin-in-alaska June 12, 2012
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Combination of nu uh and uh huh that indicates an ambiguous meh.
GF: Baby, wanna go to visit my parents this weekend?
BF: Nuh huh

BF: Baby, you wanna have sex tonight?
GF: Nuh huh
by TheInferno May 10, 2011
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"Nuh Muh" was created by mistake, when a girl named Faye found it difficult to do the rock on sign using her index and little finger, instead using the thumb and little finger. As rock on is written online as "\m/", the extra finger on her hand gave rise to "\nm/", from which were derived the sounds of "nuh" and "muh", repectively, giving the hand action a name.

Instead of being used as a direct substitute for rock on, "Nuh Muh" has been transfigured into meaning that something is "cool", in the sense that it is good, or noteworthy.

A colloquialism only used by a handful of people, "Nuh Muh" is set to take the world by storm, and soon, nations will be using it to describe how brilliant things are. I hope.

Nuh Muh can also be shortened to the following:
- Nuhmuh/nuhmuh
- \nm/
- NM (nm is commonly misused as "Never Mind" in online acronyms, but it *should* be nvm)
"Wow, that film was totally Nuh Muh!"

"Dude, that is so *not* Nuh Muh. That's crap as."
by Antony Willis November 22, 2005
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another work for nigger: not intended to be insulting. Used when speaking to a nigger
"What up my nuh-kuh?!"
by Ashton123 February 8, 2008
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