Person 1: is the sky green?
Person 2: nuh-uh.
by Kayla Pape October 15, 2003
Andrew is not very bright so he uses words like nuh-uh
by mr. schictel June 7, 2005
A person observed (quite often at the beach) wearing clothing not suited to their figure. Commonly used to describe overweight older females wearing two-piece thong bikinis.
"All I saw at the beach today was a parade of nuh-uhs; it must be tourist season."

"What I like most about West Palm Beach are women in thong bikinis. What I like least about West Palm Beach are women in thong bikinis..."
by thebushmeister July 27, 2005
A cool word used by cool people who are excellent at winning everything they do.

It means no.
Person 1: "You suck".
Person 1: "Haha".
Person 2: "Nuh uh".
Person 1: "Wow, your right man".
by Angry Salamander October 10, 2005
An informal way a bag of rocks can disagree with a comment which is completely correct.
Your hair colour is blonde.

Nuh-uh I’m not blonde.
by Two Bags of Rocks October 28, 2022
This what bitch ass niggas say when they ain even paying attention to wat you sayin.
My friend: i was bouta clap that nigga cheecks but i chocked hella hard

A bitch ass nigga: nuh uh for real?
by Yerd nigga 11 December 19, 2018