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Meaning who in Korean it is a way to call someone a nobody. Can also be used for multiple people.
Kpopper 1: Ugh did you hear that new song by Heart2Heart?
Kpopper 2: Ew those nugus? Please I don't waste my time.
by sassykpopper October 07, 2011
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its a flavor of Hershey's bar that is Black and brown and tastes like dog turds. Some people call them "Nugus Bars." It is also a name for chicken nuggets when they are burnt and shaped like a big toe. they are also big chungus's most prized possessions.
Man I can't wait to get home and eat some nugus bars.
by Bigg Chungus February 03, 2019
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1) a large penis

2) brain/using your head

3) school spirit
1) Matt's cougar nugus was too large to penetrate Jean!

2) Josh always uses his nugus when in school!

3) John and Blake have excellent nugus while at football games!
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