1. To turn someone's backpack inside out without them becoming aware of the deed.

1. Steal a person’s or multiple people’s backpack(s) without alerting the backpack's owner(s) and/or legal guardian(s).

2. Remove the contents from the backpack's main compartment. *On almost all models of backpacks the main compartment is the largest compartment, and often the easiest to “nugget”.

3. Once the main compartment is empty, turn the backpack inside out. *Backpacks with back pads seem to cause trouble so don't be afraid to place your foot on the bottom of a backpack and kick inward. If done correctly the backpack will give in and turn inside out. *WARNING: Standing up in a classroom environment and kicking a backpack may cause unwanted attention from classmates, teachers, and worst of all the “nugget” victim(s). So try to be as covert as possible.

4. If you’re doing a basic nugget, place the backpack’s original contents in the “new” main compartment, place the shoulder straps inside, zip it back up, and leave a note if you so desire. *Be gentle with the victim’s belongings, if nothing is damaged most teachers will at worst give you only a warning since nothing was actually damaged.

5. Now return either the victim’s “nuggeted” bag to the location where you first found it or go the extra mile and hide it from the victim. *In the best case scenario the victim won’t become aware that his/her backpack is missing until the dismissal bell rings, so he’ll/she’ll have to walk to the next class while holding a “nugget” in his/her arms. When other classmates see the victim they’ll immediately know what has happened and erupt into laughter causing even more embarrassment for the victim.

Now, if you really want to outdo yourself and impress every girl in school you must pull off a “Super Nugget”. Do steps 1 and 2 but instead of placing the items from the main compartment back in, keep them out. Now try to place the entire backpack in the smallest compartment. If you’re unable to do so on the first attempt, remove items from another compartment(s) (some backpack models have a secondary compartment that are almost as large as the main compartment) and finish what you have started! A “Super Nugget” may sound easy to the novice “nuggeter” because you don’t need to place the victim’s belongs back in, but what happens to his/her belonging? Yeah, you’re now stuck with them and a huge stack of books and miscellaneous crumpled papers is a big sign of a “nugget” going down in the area so keep it together, and don’t give up!

(If the pack's owner spots you and you have yet to complete the nugget, don't stop, you're no good if you can't take a little pressure.)
Nuggeting is a lifestyle not a hobby!
- P. Diddy.
by ChuckThunder December 9, 2004
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To turn a backpack inside out, usually as a joke.
Hey, I am Nuggeting this kid's Backpack. what a loser.
by 12 Second nuggeter April 20, 2010
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When someone dumps someone else's stuff out of their backpack turns it inside out, puts the stuff back in and zips it up. Mostly done by faggots who like pissing other people off and have nothing better to do. It is the single biggest thing in douchebaggery since Cock Blocking was invented.
Kid 1: Haha I just nuggeted that kids bag
*Kid 2 comes out of nowhere and knocks kid 1's lights out*
Kid 2: Thats for nuggeting my bag
by NY Mets31 March 24, 2011
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The act of taking someone's book -bag , hand bag, purse, messenger bag, etc. and removing the contents and then flipping the book bag inside out, replacing the contents, and zipping the book bag back up.
The other day Nate went on a nuggeting spree.
by BAMFGINGER January 18, 2010
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Verb. The activity that strictly involves warmth and an illegal amount of coziness. It is a process to maintain coziness and you must stay extremely still in order to keep in the heat, and to keep the cold out. This is because you never want to leave. There are certain requirements that you must meet in order to be in the perfect nugget. You must me extremely full, or at least have a meaty and/or cheesy meal within reach, (usually on your night stand). You also must be enveloped by some sort of "puff" of a blanket, that makes you resemble a burrito when you are in it. A warm and cozy, delicious nugget. Also, you must have a television in front of your nugget in the unlikely event that your balls open and you want to see another human (unless of course if you have roommates and there are multiple places for individual nuggets within your room to take place). Of course with this television you always have your remote within reach and it never gets lost. Its like a safe haven from you and the rest of the world. You're so fucking happy in your nugget.
Friend: Hey do you want to do anything with your life?

Nuggeteer: Nah I'm nuggeting.
by Flannel 1 $ October 2, 2011
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The act of inverting someone's backpack to annoy them. It is done while they are looking away. First, one must take out ALL of the person's belongings, then flip the backpack, put in the personal belongings, and zip up the bag.
As a twist, one can tie the two zippers together on the inside, thus making it difficult to open again.
Usually done in schools by the same people over and over again.
Can be used to insult someone.
There are common reactions to being nuggeted. One can classically overreact, possibly kicking, or otherwise throwing a tantrum. One can also take it in stride and get back at the nuggeter(s).

Granted, the people who get thrills out of this mundane activity are generally douchebags, but, it is still prevalent.
"This morning in gym we ran to the locker room while no one was looking and nuggeted half the classes bags, then Jimmy started trying to fight me"

"Lol, that is a total overreaction, I just get em back..."

"Are we douchebags??"

"Nah... Wait? Maybe..."

"All those times we've been nuggeting, why is it so damn funny??"

"I actually don't know...."

"What are we doing with our lives?!"
by yii May 18, 2009
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TO Flip someones book bag inside out. very inconvenient
people were nuggeting today in school.
by balsacker February 17, 2011
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