Nox is a guy who generally is just there. He does things and some days he just disappears. And then he comes back. He generally chill and a funny guy.
"Hey, you heard of Nox?"
"No, he's been off for a while."
"Oh, nevermind, he just got back on"
"Wait, you're talking about that generally chill guy? I've seen him around actually. He's... Well, actually chill."

Nox Kiko is a person who doesn't do a lot of things and generally gets along with most people .
by Nox Kiko October 23, 2019
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when your dick is so fucking huge you can start to fly with it people named Nox usually identify as attack helicopters because of how huge and fat there cock is its so fucking huge you need to wear huge ass underwear to fit a huge ass cock like that in your pants
person: damn bro your packing
MeL yeah I have Nox's cock
by ThisIsNotNox July 11, 2021
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