Another word for " Got that" or "I'll take it into account".
Person 1: You stink. You should take a shower.

Person 2: Noted.
by AshKetchumPoketraineer February 5, 2019
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Another word for goated, apparently people think goated is cringe so it is replaced by the word noted. Noted means the best one! Or legendaryu. When you gather information and you take noted of it.
EDU is speaking goatedness? OH NOTED
Noted, I'll consider than information.
by goatedisnotcringe-_- January 24, 2022
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The word everyone fucking learned since school went online because of Covid-19
"Hello everyone there will be no live class today"
by Astnee Spreteng May 15, 2021
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A term commonly used as a quick reply to an email acknowledging receipt of information in order to make the sender go away. It sarcastically shows that you care about what is being told to you when you really don’t care at all

It can also be used in daily email conversations to convey no emotion and no interest in what is being told to you in order to cut off the person sending you the email.
Mr. Manager Email: "Group, please review the contents of my email regarding your break times and arrival"

Group: Lets reply “noted” to the email … Now; who wants to go downstairs for breakfast while Mr. Manager sits in his office down the hall?
by Ms. Zib March 2, 2010
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When someone gets moded but because of the extreme nature of the action, you accompany the demotion with a signal verifying that the person should jot the moment down and commit it to memory so it will never be done again.
Tyler: Dang it, that's twice.

Justin: NOTED!!!!
by Justin Chandler April 21, 2008
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Grant Lee Buffalo's "We've Only Just Begun" is almost a note-for-note re-creation of the Carpenters' version.
by WangK July 14, 2008
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When used as a reply, shorthand to express that the message is received. Does not convey any emotion or opinion.
"My new cell # is 555-1234"
by Difffy February 22, 2010
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