Literally translated means "this is not the first time I have done this." Applies to dozens of different scenarios. Relays to the recipient that you are experienced and know what you're doing.
Reporter: "Nice work on that verdict."
Prosecutor: "Hey, this was not my first rodeo."
by KImCobain March 6, 2015
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Texas prisoners took part in the rodeo that came to their town every year. So a common retort to let another prisoner know they had been imprisoned for a few years and were not hearing anything new was, “this ain’t my first rodeo”.
“I know that, Dude. This ain’t (is not) my first rodeo. Rodeo, a way to mark the number of years one has been imprisoned in the Texas Prison System. Not my first rodeo.
by OldTimes May 19, 2020
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An excellent retort to people who are dispensing advice to you, that is pretty common knowledge and you already know. Usually, it's delivered to some novice who is attempting to be helpful, but is really just annoying you.
Noob: Make sure you stack that charcoal in a pyramid shape, with spacing between the briquettes.

Pro: It's not my first rodeo. I know how to stack, fluid, and feed the flame...I've probably forgotten more about grilling than you'll ever know...
by Davester75 July 2, 2012
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Used to tell someone this ain't the first time you've done something.
When you're planning a sneaky night away with a hot bird. And you tell her we should use a taxi to the hotel instead of using own car and she replies..."yeah taxi, good thinking"

This ain't my first rodeo bhaat
by Buddahsquirtmiester September 25, 2022
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