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Really Really Really Effing Cold.
DC:Where do you go to school? CT:Northern Michigan University! DC: WOW i hear it's cold there? CT: That is an understatement... In the coldest parts of winter I went to class and then 50 min later I was walking back to the dorms in three feet of snow ....
by Thomas, Chris July 20, 2006
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If someone has something good to say about Northern Michigan. Why don't you post it. I like NMU because it is peaceful here in Marquette and NMU is a relatively small college that is far away from home with out being out of state. I generally enjoy all the hands on experience I receive here. The School has a awesome science facility, great media production facilities, and a student run radio station. The art department is sweet but there are limited place to purchase supplies around town.

There are a few fraternities at NMU nothing spectacular and no frat row. Students can get the school to pay for almost any ridiculous event out of the student activities fee. The RIAA is really after the students at NMU. NMU is one of the top illegal downloading schools in the country and the school cooperates with the labels and recording artists. The faculty and deans do all have stickers on their offices indicating that they support the gay and lesbian organization on campus and every year there is a giant Drag show on campus.

But there are always two sides to every story. I think you have to ask yourself why hasn't anyone posted anything spectacular about the school in three years.

Whoever posted the post above is entitled to their opinion. However, I think he may get in trouble since it has already been discussed the Presidents Round Table.

I don't think censorship is cool but I guess the school doesn't like being talked about badly. I wonder if anyone actually realizes that people do have the right to voice their opinion. This is the United States of America and people have a right to express their feelings and beliefs openly and freely.

I think the person who has previously posted stuff about this school may have a unpopular opinion but I don't think that any of it is necessarily a lie, or slanderous to the university.
most people complain about Northern Michigan University on a regular basis so maybe thats why there are no positive posts on this site.
by I plead the 5th February 13, 2008
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A University in the UP of Michigan with more guns, trucks, and rednecks than textbooks.
"Where are you going to college?"

"Northern Michigan University."

by NMU Student September 28, 2011
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Northern Michigan University wants to ban smoking on campus anywhere even outside. They dont care about the rights of their students.
Northern Michigan university president wong: we should make NMU smoke free because it would be better and I no like smoke.
by sniper matt February 13, 2008
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This school is miles away from any real civilization. The faculty and administrators think NMU is the most reputable college in the state although the truth is just the opposite. NMU is the least prestigious university you could possible attend in Michigan but that wont stop the professors from acting like dicks and assigning so much work your head will spin; or you will sacrifice any trace of a social life to get a mediocre grade because the teachers grade every none Homosexual person harshly. The Dean of students is a avid supporter of the fags and lesbians on campus. straight people are bashed here for being straight and thats totally ok. If your an art student you will need a credit card with a high limit cause you cant buy any supplies anywhere around here unless you drive 3 to 4 hours away.

you have to walk to school almost everyday in a blizzard

I will probably get in trouble with the dean for posting this because they censor students here. they monitor everything you put on your facebook or any website on the net. they claim they have a right to do this because YOU the student represent the school and they the school provide the internet that your tuition as a student pays for so there for they have a right to punish you for anything unsavory that you may say about the school online.
NMU student: teacher I need film for my photography class.

NMU teacher: well, this one place in town sells the film for double the normal price you would pay anywhere else in the civilized world. or you could order it online. and as far as that camera item is concerned you might think about driving to the other side of the mackinaw bridge downstate to get it.

Dean of students at Northern Michigan university: we dont need evidence to decide you guilty of violating the student code of conduct cause you accused by a member of outlook (the gay and lesbian organization on campus) and no you cant complain about the rude or insulting things that she or he or heshe says to you because straight peoples feelings dont matter.

by mat d. measels February 10, 2008
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A very prestigious prostituion oriented university. While the practicality and usefullness of the degree you may earn rivial that of a peice of used toilet paper, the hands-on education in STDs VDs and other sexual transmitted deseases are far superior to any teaching facility in the state of Michigan.

Female graduates are often the product of an inbread/animal husbandry relationship.
Jenny went to Northern Michigan University. Her vagina will be blown' out like a GoodYear tire in no time!
by dasilly1s January 06, 2010
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