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A school where white people mainly doninate and where they dont... they think they do. Made up of farmer districts (Chesterfield, Springfield, Masfield, and N Hanover) and of coarse lovely McGuire. Our main diversity comes from Mapleton or Base. F'in Confederate flags with proud rednecks that stand behind them, and a hell of a lot of racism issues. Wanna-be bloods, crips, thugs, and ganstas but none of them are as bad as the ag. brats that think they're big because they ride on tractors for a living. Behind all the issues, once weed is involved... everyone gets along.
by annonymous March 13, 2005
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A school that pays more attention to their losing football team more than the award winning performing arts section!
For the year 04-05 Northern football LOST ALL OF THEIR GAMES! (except for the consolation game)
by You Know! April 02, 2005
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Piece of shit school but hey, the students there rock, lots of parties..fine ass females..kick ass football and basketball team
this line always works for the ladies.."hi, i have an 8inch penis"
by Steve January 29, 2005
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A highschool located on the corner of Indian Rd and Michigan Ave, Sarnia Ontario. This school ranges from grade 9's to grade 12's, however some low lifes do decide to stay back for what is known as grade "12-X". People that have chosen to stay for "12-X" are mostly low lifes who dont want to make anything for themselves, so they just stay in highschool and do basic math, such as 2+2. 100% of people that stay for 12-X end up being poor loosers with no family.(for those of you still in highschool, 100% is the highest percent possible)
hey man do you want to do something with our lives?

nahhhh, lets just stay in highschool until they kick us out and live with our moms.

"Northern Highschool."
by jake chris patty October 11, 2011
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