The sexual act that can only be performed on Christmas night, it involves inserting a minimum of 34 candy canes up ones rectum, whiles masturbating to the grinches bleached nipples, while sitting on top of a dead hooker dressed as Mrs.Claus deep throating the latest edition of the Christmas people’s magazine, then removing the candy canes from your anus, and piercing ones testicles using the sharpened blades of Christmas Joy.

This act should be done while smacking a dead dog to the beat of “we wish you a merry Christmas.”

Santa invented the North Pole shuffle in 1865 after receiving a massive erection from family photos of 12 year olds
by Jajdbfnsh October 29, 2018
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Dipping ones balls in a bucket of ice until they are blue. Then putting an ice cube in the vagina and having sex until it melts.
Susan and I had the best north pole sex ever last night. it was so cold but so worth it
by boom for jorden November 7, 2013
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AKA "The Pole" The far north side of Chicago, The part of the north side that is less safe and has more crime and poverty and often referred to in Chicago drill rap lyrics.

North Pole neighborhoods: Rogers Park, West Rogers Park, West Ridge, Edgewater, Uptown, and Lincoln Square.
"I’m from the North Pole where it’s cold."
by $horty Guapo August 21, 2020
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The upper part of the boob right before the actual boob itself.
“She only lets me touch the North Pole.”
by Faith P. June 18, 2018
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When something or somewhere is really really really cold. Almost as if you were in the North Pole
The classroom was north pole status, I needed 3 sweatshirts and a blanket.
by Tara Sugimoto August 3, 2013
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