The use of a cooled or frozen sounding device . Placement of a cold sound in the male urethra.
She hit me with the south pole! It was like pissing an icicle in reverse!
by Balls12022 January 20, 2022
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where santas elves go to die
Santa elve #5428 is getting a little old should we send him to the southpole
by Big B December 4, 2004
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when your g-string is hanging out above your pants.
That skanky ho bent over and showed everybody her south pole.
by Rick Peters November 18, 2008
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a ugly wanna be ghetto clothing line thats cheaply made. Most mexicans/ middle easterns wares it, cuz they are too poor to buy ecko. south pole are sold at mervyn's, and ross.
NEVER EVER buy south pole
by AH LA LA LA March 31, 2007
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South Pole-
1.Wanna be nigga clothing
2.Wigger clothing
3.Wanna be wigger clothing
Ex.-Anyone that wears south pole is either a wigger or a wanna be wigger.
by [[Mrcr]] December 17, 2004
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The term "south poles" refers to a woman whos breasts are sagging so much that the nipple points straight down. South poles refers specifically to the nipple, not the whole boob.
That girls boobs look like grapefruits in a pillow case, I bet she has some south poles.
by Kellytron October 16, 2006
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