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A disease that can spread by touch, look, or even through verbal masturbation.

Unsure if you have this disease? Do you have any of these symptoms?
-failing life at all times
-your friends don't call you anymore
-your parents don't call you anymore
-your grandma doesn't call you anymore
-you just canceled your phone service due to inactivity
-you like clay aiken
-you have sweatus majoritis
-you're a priest and someone dies in your party

These are only a few of the symptoms. If you have any of these symptoms, please cry in the corner so you don't bother others, or seek psychiatric attention.
Hector, I understand that you have noobitis, but could you please stop fucking up in life?
by phongoo September 30, 2008
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A severe condition that results in the noob gland becoming gradually inflamed to the point by which exposure to the individual (whom has nobitis), can cause yourself to contract the disease. Caution must be taken when encountering an individual with noobitis, as one may become a noob themself. A terrible, terrible fate.
Bob: "Oii, you hear about Paul?"
John: "nah, what happened?"
Bob: "They wanted to take him to the hospital, supposebly he is suffering from noobitis. The doctor told me not to visit otherwise I'd land up there too"
John: "tough.. I hear that disease can be fatal.. What a poor, poor noob"
by harry_the_second April 05, 2011
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a disease usally contracted by people who do not have the attesion span to compeditave an any sort of game
omg that guy maneged to throw a plasma grenade and stick himself with it completely by accident he must hav freakin noobitis
by lolephant January 28, 2009
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Noobitis is a disease mostly spreading in North America. It can be spread by spending long periods of time in the presence of a person infected with the disease. If you are unsure if you or someone you know has this disease, here are some of the symptoms:
-People you know go out of their way to avoid being around you
-People call you names like noob, or loser
-You have a stupid name like Craig,Simon,Lawrence,James,Daniel, or Larry.
-You are a complete crybaby and other people would say that about you
-You say you're not a noob even when everyone else says you are
-You play noob games and say there cool
-You have bad information about everything
-You always fail at life
-You think you're really awesome but have no friends
-Nobody loves you
-You're into noobplay
-You try to get people to guess you're middle name so you can get attention
"Wow Larry, that's such a noob wallpaper you use, you probably have noobitis"
by BobandJustin December 14, 2013
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