Shortened term for the "Seminoles" of Florida State University, the greatest college football team in all the land, and 2-time national champions.
He ain't good enough to play for the Noles, send him over to Gainesville.
by Mike March 11, 2005
the nickname given by friends to someone named Nolan. It's a lot better than saying Nolan. Is also known to be spelled as Nolez. The original Noles is Nolan S.
Guy: Where is Nolan?

Friend: Noles is right over there!
by nolenolesnole November 7, 2010
when playing gears of war 2, to do one of the following:

1) quit before the match starts so as to preserve your current K/D (kill death) ratio

2) to quit during a match you're playing badly in also in an attempt to preserve your current K/D

3) to play badly, but instead of quitting to blame the "lag" in the room, regardless of the presence or absence of latency related issues
1) "Guys, my character is changing slow, this match is gonna lag, i'm quitting right now, fuck this." "He just pulled a Noles"

2) "Dude, this match is lagging soooooo baaaaddddddd, these kids are trash but i'm losing because of lag. Fuck this, i'm quitting." "He just pulled a Noles"

3) "These douche kids suck ass but i'm losing because it's sooooo laaggggyyyyy." "He just pulled a Noles"
by ViralWarmonger September 3, 2009
A brunette w/ a sharp sarcastic humour and has a mind that truly resides in the gutter.
"Hey, who's that girl you were taking to?"
"Ahhh she's just your regular nolee you know?"
"Oh, she seemed like she had a good sense of humour too."
by hotshot26 April 22, 2010
Cutest girl you can ever imagine. She has great eyes and sometimes they have big foreheads. You will have to keep a nole once you see one. I just love nole
by Tyyyuyyyy April 2, 2019
1. The object of envy in higher education especially in the state of Florida.
2. A natural elite in academics, athletics, and character.
3. The resented superior of University of Miami and University of Florida students and grads
1. What did the Nole alumni say to the Hurricane/Gator alumni?
The jury has reached a verdict. Will the the defendents please rise?
by Bill May 2, 2004
1. (noun) The fleshy space between your nuts and your hole.

2. (verb) To smite someone in the nole.
I love it when she tickles my nole - it teases my nuts and my hole at the same time.

Man, I'm going to nole that jackoff with a nine iron. That's what you get for drinking my last beer.
by Murroix January 5, 2009