Taking an unrealistic idea for a movie and making it believable in the real world. The root of the word, Nolan, refers to the filmmaker Christopher Nolan
Dude, I hear they're Nolanizing Mortal Kombat!
by Mr. Fiasco March 24, 2011
The art of using a plastic carrier bag as a contraceptive.
Guy 1: So I was totally ready to bang this hot chick with an amazing poon, when I realised I was fresh out of condoms from camping last week.
Guy 2: Damn, did you do it bareback?
Guy 1: Hell no! I had a carrier bag in my pocket though, slipped that on and did a bit of nolaning. Caught my salad cream like turtle in a net!
by The Janmeister October 22, 2013
A deadly disease that results in severe itching between the upper thighs and makes you make a lot of cringey fortnite references. It also makes certain body parts balloon 3x the regular size.

nolanitis is a very serious disease and has killed many victims gruesomely. This is often associated with ligma balls and balanitis.

people who have the disease become stupid dicks and say 21 repeatedly.
Tyler : wtf he has nolanitis

Me: oof o god
by findthecure21 March 22, 2019
One of the coolest guys I know. Usually very handsome. Has a great personality, often seen in a beanie, and fun to be around. He's one of those guys that likes to have fun and don't care what people really think of him. He is always there for people in need and is always there to help out a friend. Girls easily fall for him cause of his personality and his looks, but he usually has his eye on one girl. If you meet a Nolan, love him, cause there's no other guy like him.
Girl1-"hey look! It's nolan!"
Girl2-"he's so cute! His girlfriends so lucky"
Girl1-"I wish I had a Nolan."

Guy1-"hey have you met my friend Nolan?"
Guy2-"oh yeah man. He's hella cool to hangout with"
Guy1-"yeah and he has like all the chicks falling for him."
Guy2-"wish I could be more like Nolan"
by Dancebaee96 November 7, 2013
He's handsome with amazing hair! He's a very funny person and will make you laugh even when your feeling down he's also outgoing and very open when u meet him! He's adventurous and will go extreme if he wants he also likes to take risks! He's the type of person that won't judge you for a thing! If you have a Nolan in your life your very lucky!
Wow see Nolan he's so fun and amazing
What everyone ascertains to become.

Perfection incarnate.

A god among men.
Wow, look at that Nolan, I wish I could be like him.
by NolanSlater November 11, 2007