Person 1: What happened to him
Person 2: He seen the footage and he decided to stay noided
by Dr.Yarra May 27, 2021
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Slang term pronounced noy-ted, Most commonly used in the Pittsburgh city area. Meaning, you are very nervous or afraid. Derived from the more common word “Paranoid”.
“You wouldnt believe it bro, 3 cops rolled up on me while I was gettin skeed this morning, they had me dumb noided
by Finesssin March 31, 2019
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Used by the experimental band, Death grips and is a popular word used by their fans.
“I’m noided af right now man”, “he’s noided”

“ I stay noided ive seen footage
by Emcee Ride April 12, 2019
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Get a load of that noid.
by zimmygirl777 September 3, 2022
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used to say that one is feeling paranoid.
"What's wrong with Dead Eye?"
"He just got noided out by those girls."
by xgrrl45 November 19, 2007
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To become paranoid (usually temporarily, and often due to the influence of drugs such as cannabis or meth.)
After we smoked out in the parking lot, Kevin started noiding, thinking that someone might have seen us.
by Tochterlieber April 26, 2008
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An evil wizard in a skin-tight red body suit with rabbit-like ears. Goes out of his way to wreck pizzas to be delivered.
Ever been frustrated, because the Noid ruined your pizza? Avoid the Noid.
by Avoid The Noid August 29, 2004
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