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An insecure teenager who is extremely religious, xenophobic, and fake. No-Seouls tend to coagulate into large circles like jello. The No-Seoul hates and fears all outsiders.

No-Seouls are also self-deprecating. They are surprised when other students do better in school. Then they pretend to be disgraced and humiliated. You can frequently hear them crying over how disappointed their parents are. No-Seouls believe that grades are the most important aspect in life, but receive mediocre scores regardless.

You can find No-Seouls loitering around Souplantation, Hollister, Jamba Juice, Abercrombie, American Eagle, and your local church.
Simon: Let's go No-Seoul hunting.

Malcolm: It can't be too difficult. Just look for those obnoxious seagulls, moose, and eagles emblazoned excessively on their clothing.
by Eileeny April 05, 2008
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