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A lively, vibrant city at the northwestern edge of South Korea that is surprisingly safe and friendly for a large capital city.
"How come I don't hear rapid gunfire in seoul like I do in US?"
"Well, I guess there aren't any slave-raping anti-semitic klansmen who think foreigners are xenophobic in Seoul."
by merfuckyou August 01, 2006
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The capital and largest city of South Korea. Founded in the 14th century, it became the country's capital in 1948. Population: 10,726,862.
It's the best city ever!
Seoul is better than Tokyo
by Kev April 19, 2005
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A Korean city filled with xenophobic people.
"Why are Koreans always call us pockyu?"
"They are saying fuck you."
by mer476 August 01, 2005
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Seoul is a powerful,perseverent,and crazy person that can always show u to a good time, he never gives up on a friend or more than a friend if u kno what I mean (that sexy beast) Seoul is a leader, Seoul is a god
Seoul is like a leader of a wolf pack,or like a faithful lover or friend,
by Paul luap January 25, 2014
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