compa/homie i think I got my girl pregnant man

“No Mamesguey”
by Misfit11 January 11, 2018
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Is a way to say 'don't joke about that' but in a way less serious, like 'no wayy men'
Is only said by close friends.
Is aslo said because a tragic happend unexpectedly.
Carmen descubrió que su novio le fue infiel
- qué?! No mames
by Thaid March 9, 2018
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It's a mexican slang that has 3 meanings:

1. it's a vulgar or informal way to say "you're kidding"

2. it's a vulgar way to say "stop messing around"

3. sometimes can be used like saying "no way"

4. or when you're scared or desperate and you suddenly say "no mames" just because nervous or something like that and when you say that word is like saying "damn".
guy1: Karina said that you're going around with Jose

girl1: no mames !!!
by Brendiux Le Doux December 6, 2004
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comes from the word mamar, meaning "suck" in spanish.
Mexican slang for : "you're kidding"
Mexican slang for : "Stop messing around"
guy 1: Yesterday I saw Madonna in my back yard
guy 2: No mames!

guy 1: Maybe you can dress in drag...
guy 2: No mames...
by stardelice August 8, 2004
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MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with an arcade game's data files (ROMs), MAME will more or less faithfully reproduce that game on a PC. MAME can currently emulate over 3000 unique (and over 5400 in total) classic arcade video games from the three decades of video games - '70s, '80s and '90s, and even some from the current millennium.
MAME's purpose is to preserve these decades of video-game history.
by RaMDaY July 25, 2005
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A emulator made to recreate the experience of arcade games in software,with the intent to preserving old games from being forgotten.The name stands for: Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.MAME was created by Nicola Salmoria on February 5,1997.To play the games on MAME on a PC or Mac you have to get a set of files called ROM files.Most people hide the Windows operating system when its in a arcade cabinet.People either make their own cabinet or buy a second hand one to run MAME on.Owning MAME is legal in most countries,but not to be sold or distributed.
"I'm running MAME on my custom built arcade."

"The Punisher is a great 2 player co-op game on MAME."

"MAME is one of the greatest emulators made for older games."
by DH85 May 3, 2009
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mame (noun) is the most common word for "boob" in Persian (Farsi) spoken language.
Example 1:
Look at that horny chick with those big round mames. I wish she was my girl friend!

Example 2:
Always try to choose your girl friend according to her manners and attitudes, not just the size of her mames!

Example 3:
Those mames are stolen by the bogeyman . (A persian motto which has a literal meaning. It is said to the babies which are freshly taken from breastfeeding in order to make a soothing effect in their mind.)
by WildWetWords August 17, 2018
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