Boyfriend in Spanish.

Comes in handy when I’m dating.
Mi novio es mi vida.
by Kirishima Touka February 25, 2018
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boyfriend in Spanish. Novia is girlfriend.
It can also be defined in a humorous way:
No,vio - which means did not see, such as in she did not see the guy's bad qualities.
"Ahi esta la Novia de Juan."
"There she is, Juan's girlfriend."

"El novio de Lupe es un mujeriego."
"Lupe's boyfriend is a player."

"Lupe no vio, el novio verdadero."
"Lupe did not see her boyfriend for who he really is."
by Sound of Music July 16, 2008
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That guy that is kind of your boyfriend but not really, and kind of your ex but not really. A boy with which you have a complicated relationship, and probably would be dating if it weren't for complications such as distance or religious denominations.
"I would be dating Alex right now but we decided it would be too much of a hassle because he's three states away. I should probably stop texting him every night. I guess that makes him my anti-novio"
by Suzy confused-Q October 5, 2011
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el novio means boyfriend and why you trying to get one your a lesbain or gay
my el novio is the best there is from lisa richard
by the person with a good vioce December 30, 2017
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Universal Word in spanish For Boyfriend, Friend, or Bestfriend!
This is my Novio! (Boyfriend, Friend, Bestfriend)
by jennyondablock87 January 11, 2021
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novio- Spanish for fiance, lover, groom, or boyfriend.
I was hanging out with my novio this morning.
by November 19, 2020
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