A sizable video game machine, ranging from cocktail-table size (the size of your average coffee table,) to monstrous cockpit-style units.

Owning a few of these bad boys could potentially make you rich -- with having to do little or no actual work. All you do is strategically place them in public locales, and empty out the cash box, repeatedly... Sure, you'll have to pay the business owner a percentage, but you'll still make a shitload of money.
I found me a VERY used arcade machine for only $30 dollars. I just gotta fix it up a little bit, put it in the local beer joint, and I'll have a decent secondary income to go along with my paltry grocery store paycheck...
by Jason L. July 12, 2005
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A large electronic box that steals all your money. Very hard
"Hey Man you wanna go to the movies?"

"After i beat this level"

*2 hours later*

"I just spent $200 but i finally beat this level"
by JSZ May 20, 2005
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Doing "the arcade machine" is the act of Finding a woman/man, bending them over and inserting a quarter into their asshole. Then proceeding to have intercourse with them for up to 25 minutes, or till game over (you finish)

Once the "game" is over, you may move onto the next person, or insert another quarter and play again.
Guy: hey babe wanna try the arcade machine?

Girl: uhhhh what's that?

Guy: *slides a quarter in ass* We playing pole position, and I'm cumming in first place
by asmallchild December 24, 2017
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The act of inserting coinage into a male's urethra before intercourse to build up semen pressure.
"Dude my girl and me did the Minnesota Arcade Machine last night and I'm still sore."

"Would you like me to give you a Minnesota Arcade Machine?"
by Mr. Sister Kisser November 15, 2018
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