A person who is permanently designated as a "No Shirt" is one that has been through many negative situations, problems, mishaps, dilemmas, stress, and vibe throughout his/her life, therefore causing a mental anger management disorder that causes the person to be psycho to the maximum level, otherwise known as VooDoo.
Christian is such a No Shirt. How does his glasses and his one and only t-shirt end up on a tree branch 100 ft in the air? He's also a No Shirt for letting his anger out on a poor, innocent little kid, by choking him for no reason. I guess his dolls really do control him.
by 78G^KiNgKiLLa August 21, 2009
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why are you looking up "shirt?"
You wear a fucking shirt.
by lzlnh May 22, 2012
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A teener of cocaine in Colorado. Short for t-shirt.
I want a shirt, get it? As in a t-shirt? Cause we're paranoid druggies and we can't say teener over the phone or in a text.
by Paul Rael May 10, 2016
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Companies use shirts to create walking advertisements out of people! Your only options to avoid this are to wear blank shirts (not recommended) or none at all.
by ihavenoshirton101 June 17, 2004
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The act of physically assaulting ones wife when she gets out of line or becomes a habitual line stepper.
Corey's wife just spent money on a new purse, he'll be a-shirting her when he gets home.
by BeastMaster513 January 5, 2010
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A steriotype of men who, usually residing in the United Kingdom, frequent night clubs with low reputations. They're name decends from the strict dress code and appearance which includes a white shirt. They all look exactly the same and group in tens or hundreds.
We were on our way back from Spiders rock club and were attacked by a group of shirts, officer.
by NeX March 2, 2004
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A pice of clothing of which you wear on your torso. A shirt can be made out of any kind of material really, for example cotton, wool, twill, linen, poplin etc.
Person 1 : “ughh I have nothing to cover my torso with!!!”
Person 2: “Did you try a shirt?”
Person 1: “You mean those things made of fabric that you can wear on your torso?!”
Person 2: “well… yeah.”
person 1: “Wow what a smart idea thank you!”
Person 2: “yeah no problem.”
by Yeah, that's my name November 11, 2022
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