One who constantly steps over "the line" whatever that line may be. This has the effect of forcing you as an observer to set him or her straight with physical force or the threat of physical force.

(from Chappelle's Show: Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Story)
RICK JAMES "Charlie Murphy!!! (punch to the head, leaving a mark)

Then Charlie Murphy proceeds to kick Rick James' ass because he's gotta check that shit so it don't happen again, forcing him to stop being a habitual line stepper.
by Christophe Graham April 14, 2006
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One who always goes over the line. One who always goes too far and exercises no apparant regard for the consequences. Term was coined by Charlie Murphy on Chapelle's Show when describing the antics of Rick James.

Rick James was an habitual line stepper.

Greg owes me utilities and just had sex with my girlfriend for the third time this week. That guy is such an habitual line stepper.
by Homer MaGaha April 23, 2006
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Some one who always takes it too far. They step over the line again and again. Sometimes You Have To Check Em.
Yo man Rick James just put his dirty cowboy boots all over your suede couch. That dude steps over the line. Habitually. He's a habitual line stepper.
by Dicap April 7, 2006
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One of your buddies that always takes it a little too far. They cross the line again and again. Usually with drinking shots.

This person is usually a former Marine and probably a Texas A&M fan.
DAC is a habitual line stepper! Every time I looked he was fucking buying shots and yelling Gig em!
by Girth Tickler July 23, 2017
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