a phrase used to show cohesiveness amongst friends and an aversion to new "fair weather friends". Made famous by the rapper Drake in a DJ Khaled song. Popularly used as a hashtag
I still ride with my day 1 n****z , i dont really need no new friends

My and boys celebratin at the club tonight. #nonewfriends.
by The Boss Cake September 17, 2013
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The one thing middle school girls pray for at night.

A great way to make someone feel like they actually have friends.

A phrase which often causes the elderly to become baffled, then irritated, and then baffled again. Frequently accompanied by a facial expression which illustrates confusion.

The downfall of the technological revolution in one term.

The name of a song by the band Evergreen Terrace.
Suzie: "I cant wait any longer to check my myspace page!"

Bystander 1: "Why do you think that girl is running frantically into the library?"

Bystander 2: "I have an idea."

Bystander 1: "Yeah, she must be anxious to check her Myspace for New Friend Requests."
by Ecamsan007 August 26, 2009
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A friend who is as supportive to you as Fox News is to any US Republican politician or talking point. This friend is the loudest cheerleader for your every success and is completely blind to any of your faults, literally bending reality to make you feel better.
C: "Hey, I accidentally murdered a busload of nuns, and I need you to help me bury the bodies"
M: "Oh yeah? I'm sure those bitches had it coming though... and instead of burying them, I'll go get some acid or lime for you fam."
C: "You truly are my Fox News friend, I can tell you anything."
by Zizektronic November 20, 2019
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N. The instance when you make a new friend that you want to hang out with ALL the time, only to get sick of them a few weeks later.
Girl 1-"Hey I gotta go, I have to hang out with Sydney"

Girl 2-"What happened to Trudy? I thought you guys were BFF..."

Girl 1-"Oh that was just a new friend crush, its all about Sydney now."

by Carrie Duway October 26, 2007
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When you make a new friend and you feel the need to constantly talk to and message them to the point of annoying them. This happens more often with girls than boys, but there are rare cases of Male New Friend Syndrome.
Audrey: Uh-oh, I think I'm starting to annoy Alexis. I should probably stop messaging her so much until my New Friend Syndrome calms down.
by Trollzaya June 23, 2013
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A euphemism for being warned to stop what you're doing by the police. Used when retelling stories as an inside joke in mixed company.
Mom: How was your night?

Will: We hung around downtown for a while, messed around, went back to Hank's house.

Hade: Yeah, we made some new friends too.
by PlutoRoman June 13, 2010
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