South African slang term for "Sorry", pronounced as: Hah-deh
Guy 1: My girlfriend just dumped me bro.
Guy 2: Hade boy... You'll be fine.
by mo2c March 13, 2013
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A God with two boners and set of bewbs, They believe to be Super Gay and awesome, but we can't prove that quiet yet. Since the beast has only been seen in the wild 3 times, naked. This sooo super gay chick, can be the next chuck norris!
I am Hade hear me roar. -ROAR-
by BelieveInKowai101 April 7, 2010
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Meaning Iron in Arabic.

The ideal man. Probably the funniest man you will ever meet. Hadeed is sweet, handsome, kind, funny, and loving particularly when it comes to the person he loves. At times, he may seem distant, but can turn any situation into a hilarious one.
Did you see Hadeed back there? He's lookin fly as ever.
by emma6173 April 6, 2019
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He has the largest heart in the world. He belittles how he really feels and covers it with hate, not many can see through that. Hilarious, cute, passionate, and independent. Love at first sight with that boy.
I met this boy named Hadeed and I fell for him so hard.
by emma6173 April 6, 2019
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The Lord of the Underworld and brother of Zeus in Greek mythology. Commonly used as an alternative word for "hell," but the Pit of Tartarus was hell and Hades was the one who ruled over it.
Hades was not a cruel god. He was merely doing his job. He did not kill, only governed the dead.
by Aragorn Elfstone October 20, 2004
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The sarcastic, obnoxious, flame-topped, highly entertaining villian featured in Disney's 35th masterpiece: Hercules (1997)
*Voice by the magnificent James Woods
Most likely one of the best villians Disney has ever come up with because of his unexpected personalitly and awesome character...Hades rules and we all know it....badda bing!
"Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead, hi, how ya doin'?"
by Hades October 17, 2004
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