A very rich town near Schenectady in Upstate NY. Most people here make great money, but not everyone. The houses range from small apartments to huge ass mansions. All the kids here are stereotypical and predictable, living out the fantasies of their favorite brain-rotting MTV garbage. They spend their time drinking, doing drugs, and speeding in BMWs. Everyone here hates their lives and will complain about it openly. There is no school spirit. The cops here pretend that they have a job, but generally only bust the occasional high school. When a bunch of girls from the high school are suspended for drinking at a dance, the entire town is suddenly in upheaval. Every young person who has the chance to leave does and rarely returns.
Niskayuna is sometimes abbreviated to Nisky.
by scb722 January 5, 2009
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A suburban town in upstate New York, located outside of Schenectady. Generally the income is moderate to upper class, with a reputation for being one of the wealthier towns in the area. A somewhat superficial place, Niskayuna has its own holiday to celebrate itself dubiously titled "Niska-day". Niskayuna is also commonly abbreviated to "Nisky". Much of the demographics consist of old people, and anyone that still has to live at home with their parents until they can leave. Amongst these young people, they are generally homogeneous and average (despite the constant social one-upping they tend to attempt, whether socially or academically). Due to this, one can usually note the unofficial "uniform" of the Niskayuna student. This most often involves Ugg boots, Northface backpacks/jackets, ect. Most interestingly, is the general dislike many of these young people will have for the area (see other posts). Old people are often spotted clogging up the post office between noon and two o'clock on weekdays. The police often like to pretend that they actually work, as well.
1. Your parents work for General Electric?
-You must be from Niskayuna.
by '08 and still great April 27, 2011
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A rich suburb near both Schenectady and Albany in upstate New York. The houses are big and beautiful, taxes are expensive, and if you live in Niskayuna you most likely have a ton of money. There isn't much to do besides sit at the local Starbucks, so with lack of anything more fun and daddy's money to spend most middle school and high school students just drink and/or smoke a lot. You'll meet each of the usual high school stereotypes, but Nisky is known for its preppy, tan, above-average looking girls. The underground "uniform" of Nisky high consists of the uggs and northface that you will see everywhere you turn.
guy 1: those niskayuna sluts blow mad dick
guy 2: be real dude, all they blow is cash. you're just heated cause they wouldn't waste their time looking twice at a guy like you
by gladileftthisplace January 3, 2010
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A wannabe progressive pseudo socialist town whose main source of commerce are the starbucks, and bribes from rich parents to keep from their sons and daughters being thrown in jail on a regular basis for underage drinking and smoking pot. Residents show a huge amount of pride in their town, mainly because if they all pretend their town is cool, then they'll be cool, and relieve a lot of their social anxieties they normally treat with expensive designer clothing trends (ie uggs, northface) brought on by their unprecedented level of superficiality. Nowhere else in the world can a person amount to so little yet think so highly of themselves.
I drove through Niskayuna today, and I swear I must have seen a dozen kids bent over their own feces actually ENJOYING the smell. I'm NEVER coming back to this dive.
by VNYAND February 19, 2009
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A town that has many people and many things to do.A nice place to live
i live in a great town called niskayuna
by jojolene October 14, 2008
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A place in upstate New York which is often thought to be where a bunch of stuck up rich kids who only hang out at Starbucks live. Most people believe that all people in Niskayuna smoke pot and drink. Although a great majority of people in Niskayuna are stuck up snobs who spend most of their time smoking and drinking does not mean that EVERYONE in Niskayuna is like that. There are just as much under age drinking and drug abuse in Niskayuna as any other place in the world.
Niskayuna people are normal loser just liek any other loser in the world.
by Lonewolf150 July 20, 2010
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The stupidest high school in the entire country. The administration is a group of corrupt, power hungry tyrants. They enjoy handing out suspensions for no apparent reason. They also hire weird old guys with strange beards to supervise the cafeteria.
You hate your school? You must go to Niskayuna
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
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