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John Barry Abo's infamous poem gave birth to the word Nipe, and stems from his deep rooted understanding of English prose & poetry.

It is a word substituted when one cannot think of a word begining with the letter 'N'.

It is widely speculated that Nipe is a topical subject of debate: 'What is your opinion of Nipe?' To which the answer would be 'Nipe'
John is my name
Oh football
Holiday is nice
by Chris Kenworthy December 02, 2004
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The shortened version of the word "snipe." This word could be used as either a noun or a verb and it fits in most sentences regarding sporting events when the discus is scored into the opposing teams goal (1). The word nipe can also be used when talking about game hunting (2) or plain hitting a target in every day life (3).

In short, nipe is a more dramatic and emphatic usage of snipe in common-day language and sporting event language.
Verb usage
1. In hockey, the forward 'niped the opposing team's goaltender with the extremely hard slap shot.
2. The hunter 'niped the deer with his rifle from a distance.
3. As the kid was running in dodgeball, he was 'niped with the red rubber ball.

Noun usage
1. That last shot was an absolute 'nipe.
by Tommy T- AZ February 20, 2009
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This is a word created by combining two other words. It is a mash up of "No Pipe"

With Pipe referring to a well endowed man.

If someone is NIPE it means they have no pipe, or are lacking in girth or length.
Mt. Diablo is a bunch of NIPES

"Shut up, you're a Nipe"
by thankyoubasedgod September 29, 2011
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I could see by her nipes she was ready.


The water must have been cold, as he came out with nipes.
by STI56 April 13, 2012
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6 half of a nipple on either sex.
2.the sound made when half of ones nipple is removed
1. i heard evan got a nipe after an accident at the peirceing parlor
2. i heard evan said NIIIIPE at the peircing parlor.
by Eris W. April 22, 2005
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