Cares about games, and the people who play them. Not about how 1337 the graphics card is, or how many celebrities they can pay to stand around and act like they enjoy they're products.

I've talked to Xbox and PS2 fans, and all they can talk about is how its compatible with all this other shit that no one really needs, and how the grapics are so damn cool. Well do better graphics make the game more fun? Does better graphics make GTA San Andreas or Halo less mindless and demeaning?

Show me any new xbox 360 or PS3 games that can rival Super Smash Brothers, or Super Mario 64, or Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
The short answer is none of them.

Not to mention the cost difference. I'm buying a game console, not a computer/dvd player/ipod.

Im sorry if you disagree, but good graphics and mindless violence do not a good game make.
I can play Super Mario 64 for hours without worrying about my sanity, or whether I'm going to be scarred for life by something horrible. Can't say the same for GTA SA.
by Rush8192 August 20, 2005
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Great game company that makes bright fast-paced game featuring: Mario, Luigi, Fox, Link, and Samus. They invented the game boy, and after that other gaem companies copied them (Sega, NeoGeo, other assorted japanse companies) but failed. the game boy is still being made today. Alos made pokemon games, but they made up for it.
I just got the new Mario Kart for Gamecube!!!
by only$19.99,less s+h December 26, 2003
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What a jerkface would call "homosexual" or for "kiddies", is really a real company with many fun and rather educational games. Get over the fact that it doesn't make games to satisfy your bloodthirstiness or need to play a game you can masturbate to. Nintendo is the father of video gaming, why don't you just LIVE WITH IT.
Nintendo is fun, educational, and a great thing to do when you have spare time.
by mrhappyface April 24, 2010
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A Japanese company that pulled videogaming out of the gutter in the mid 80's, with quality, innovative, original games. Had a virtual monopoly in the late 80s and early 90s. Has lost marketshare more recently to Sony and Microsoft due to a series of mistakes and a "kiddy" image, which is hard to shake. One mistake was deciding to use carts intstead of CDs with the n64, which made sense at the time (faster load times), but in hindsight, seems idiotic. Still popular with retro gamers, non-gamers, females, and younger gamers, although there really isn't much coming out on the GC at this point in time. Most of the developers have jumped ship, and Nintendo is focusing more on its handhelds. Nintendo still manages to turn a profit however due to cost effective hardware, unlike its competitors who see huge losses before any return.

-Consoles include the NES, SNES, N64, GC; handhelds: GB, VB, GBC, GBA, DS
-franchises: Metroid, Mario, Donkey Kong, Starfox; many franchises that are now on other consoles were originally Nintendo games- Perfect Dark, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Metal Gear, etc
by dpeter January 29, 2006
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Video games that i had.
Like SNES, Gamecube, and Wii.
Wait, dont forget my Gameboy!
Jim: Wanna play my Wii?
Bob: Yes!
Bill: YES!
Jim, Bob, Bill and Tom: *start playing the wii and play mario kart wii*
Jim: 1st place!
Bob: Right behind you! *uses koopa shell on jim*
Bill: 2nd place!
Wii: can you just STFU and play the game!?
Jim, Bob, Bill and Tim: Ok nintendo. whatever you say.
by u2dvdbono August 09, 2010
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Nintendo is a video game company that has been around for about 107 or more years and started out as a card company with their "Hanafunda" cards in 1889. They managed to become Japan's biggest playing card company. In 1969-82, Nintendo began making toys then later on went into arcades. Druing this year range Shigeru Miyamoto joined Nintendo and made Radar Scope (Arcade) which wasn't as big a hit as his second game Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong was Nintendo's very first hit. Mario's first appearance was also in Donkey Kong only Mario was a Carpenter named Jumpman at the time. Nintendo also began making the Famicon (NES) in this time era. Then in the year range of 1983-1989 Nintendo nearly had complete control of the gaming industry with the Famicon (NES). 1990-1997, Sega enters the picture with the Genises (Mega Drive) and competition in the gaming industry begins to rise. Nintendo also released the SNES (super Famicon). Then later on in this era, Nintendo released the Nintendo 64, after Sony had the Playstation and Sega had the Saturn already released. In the 1998-2005 (And early 06') era, Nintendo went handheld with GB, then soon after GBC and GBP. Then Nintendo advanced their handhelds with GBA, and now with the Nintendo DS (Has nothing to do with GBA dispite it's playback with GBA cartridges) and Sony's competing PSP. Home console wise, Sony had the PS2, Sega had Dreamcast which didn't last for long, and Microsoft entered the picture with Xbox and Nintendo came out with the GameCube which was aimed at younger audiences to expand the gamer limit. Though the GameCube did have many Mature rated titles it was aimed mainly toward children and teens alike. Now Sony is currently in works on PS3 and Microsoft has already launched the Xbox360, while Nintendo will come in last with the Nintendo Revolution which will also be the cheapest of the Next Generation home consoles.

Other Nintendo notes: Nintendo attempted to make a Taxi and Love Hotel but failed. Nintendo also made a vaccum. Nintendo also invented most of the features we use today, such as: Shoulder buttons, rumble/vibration, wireless controller, D-pad, handheld playback, and many many more features. (Note: Do not give Nintendo credit for built in lights on the handhelds, for Sega was first to use this technology.
Fanboys must bash Nintendo out of jealousy huh?
by JSWP (A.K.A. Viper) January 02, 2006
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Also known as: The Way of Heavenly Duty

A religion native to Japan. Characterized by iconic figures such as Mario, Samus, Link, etc. The main preacher of Nintendo is Shigeru Miyamoto, a.k.a. Kami-sama. Worshipers are frequently found using odd electronic devices (religious ritual?).

Hostile Opponents: Sony, Microsoft

Number of Followers: Millions
Nintendo "games": The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Kirby, Pokemon, etc.
by L33t N1nj4 Boris May 31, 2006
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